Home Staging Services


vacant home staging

 Do you know it can take twice as long to sell a vacant home?


This is an area that where we can bring a huge benefit to your home sale because Staging Works has our own inventory of furniture, lamps, artwork, and all the “little” things to make your vacant home warm and inviting to potential buyers.  This gives us the ability to get the job done FAST!

With a large and varied selection of furniture and accessories, we can appropriately reflect the price point of your property and market directly to the potential buyer for most homes.



You can stage as many rooms or as few rooms as you like. We will work within your budget to create an inviting entrance and focus on the key rooms to get your home sold!

For homes costing $1 million or more or an extremely large home we will make the arrangements for any additional rentals necessary. This will usually require a 3 month minimal rental period and fit into our Luxury Home staging package. 

Contact us to get more information and a FREE QUOTE on how we can help you sell your home quickly with our Vacant Home Staging service.

occupied home staging

“The way you live in your home and the way you market your home to sell are very different” Barb Schwarz


One of our certified Home Staging professionals will conduct a thorough preview / walking- through of your home to assess what needs to be done to properly prepare your home for market.

When possible, we work with your furniture and accessories, (you would be amazed at what you have in your home that we can use! )

We then rearrange, depersonalize* and emphasize your home’s best features and focal points for selling. If necessary, we will bring in our own accessories or furniture to ensure that your home is dressed to sell and that it makes a good first impression on potential buyers.

*We may give you a list of things to remove/de-clutter before we can begin to stage.

Cost for this service is based on the size, type and number of rooms to be staged. If we have to use our accessories to stage your property, a monthly rental fee will apply. If you prefer, we can also advise you on what accessories to purchase or Shop For You, that way you can bring them with you to your new home = )

Contact us to get more information and a FREE QUOTE on how we can help you sell your home quickly with our Occupied Home Staging service.

luxury home staging


Looking for luxury home staging? Let us stage your home. We have staged a variety of luxury homes in the Northern New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area, from Central Park South to Allendale to Morristown and beyond. We ensure that your property is staged specifically for your area by researching demographics and then staging your property to match the community and its surroundings. Staging your home is an essential part of marketing your home and we don’t just stage your luxury home for anyone but ensure that we attract just the right buyer for your home. The high end furnishings, accessories, and artwork that we use to stage your home will fit the style of your home whether modern, contemporary, traditional or transitional. 

Once you contact us we begin with an initial consultation to clearly establish goals and objectives. Marketing strategies are reviewed and demographics researched to establish a staging plan. Our staging plan reflects the lifestyle of the home to ensure that we are targeting the right buyer. Of course, we also work closely with your Realtor.

Occupied Luxury Homes

If you are living in the home we will work with your furniture and décor and supplement any additional furniture or accessories that are necessary to best prepare your home for market. We want to ensure that we show your home in its very best light.

Vacant Luxury Homes

If your home is fully or partially vacant, we offer furniture leasing options from short to long term depending on your needs. You can furnish as many rooms as you like, and we will discuss which rooms would be most beneficial to stage for a successful sale. Our furniture and accessories are high end quality and reflect the price point of your property and the potential buyer.

Our team of professionals can stage your Luxury Home to sell. Call us today to make an appointment @ 201-788-6266. We look forward to dressing your luxury home to sell.

interior redesign


Want a fresh look? Are your rooms looking unfinished, tired or just plain boring? Are you struggling to get just the right look? Do you like what you have but know something you need something (or someone) to pull it all together?

Staging Works will give your rooms an exciting new look using your furniture and accessories! Utilizing items from throughout your home, we will repurpose as many things as possible (you’ll be amazed at all the treasures you already have!) Next we will discuss your style, what items you like and what you may be ready to “gift”, donate or sell for others to enjoy. Then we will create new furniture arrangements and layouts for optimum flow, and accessorize your rooms to create interest and a fresh new perspective. Most importantly, it will become a room that fits your style as well as your lifestyle.

Redesign is similar to interior design but more cost effective because you already have the items to work with; however, we can also create a ‘wish list’ of items you may want to add to your home either now or in the future. This service may also include paint color selections and suggestions for updates or upgrades, and Shopping, if you so desire.

Best of all, the transformation can be done in a day and you don’t have to buy anything new! The cost for this service is based on the number of rooms to be staged. You can redesign one room or all of them. Contact us for a free phone estimate on our Interior Redesign services.

Some reasons to use our Interior Redesign Services

- Moving to a new home - and don’t know where things should be placed for maximum style and comfort? Use a combination of our home staging and redesign expertise to highlight your homes best features.

- Stage and Stay – You loved how your “Staged” home looked before you sold and want to re-create the same look in your new home.

- Down-Sizing and don’t know what to keep, throw, donate or sell. We can help you with the decision process. We will recommend the best items for your new home and can assist with the perfect placement as well.