Mary Fitzgerald

Mary Fitzgerald   Home Staging expert, Licensed Realtor, Teacher and owner of Staging Works NJ

Mary Fitzgerald  Home Staging expert, Licensed Realtor, Teacher and owner of Staging Works NJ

My name is Mary Fitzgerald and I have lived in North Jersey for most of my life. I haven’t always been a home stager, but I have always had a creative streak in me AND I have always loved looking at houses. Having run my own health care business for 20 years and with a preschooler at home, I thought I would try something new, something I could do part time from home. After dabbling in a few different enterprises, I got my real estate license and started looking to invest in some. I had some success but then the market went down and it was time to regroup. That’s when a friend of mine introduced me to HGTV. I loved the staging programs and sought out information on how to become a home stager myself.

That led me to Barb Schwarz’s home staging course in Connecticut. It was fun and informative and definitely got me started in the right direction as a certified home stager. Later, an investor client of mine asked me to investigate another staging course that he had heard of; Simple Appeal Staging by Karen Schafer. I agreed to look into it and Iwas hooked. Karen had truly mastered not only the “simple appeal” of staging but the ability to grow it into a thriving business as well.  So that was my introduction to the APSD family. Since then I have become a certified APSD Home Stager, Stager Pro and Property SceneDesigner.

I also took my training to the next level and completed the course to become a Certified APSD Home Stager Trainer. Now I can share what I have learned and teach you and others to become a Home Stager too!

If you feel it’s YOUR TURN to do something creative. If you are ready to take the next step and gather some great information on how YOU TOO can become a Home Stager,